By Hovik Kurd, Special Contributor to SDT

It was — and still is — believed by some governments or some peoples that what happens somewhere else on our planet does not affect us, because we are here, distant from what happens in that faraway place.

When news came out of the virus that came from China, some people treated it as a virus that infected only Chinese people and would not infect other people. Some were thinking that it would affect only “the yellow race.” Some have said that it will not affect members of their religion because they are on the right path.

Some, some, some…

The phenomenal amount of subconscious racism that many have in our modern world is more terrifying than the virus itself.

Do not forget that some countries denied the virus issue as if it were a political game, and some countries did not take appropriate measures. There were many fallacies regarding how governments and peoples dealt with this danger.

But did we ask ourselves why?

Everyone in this world is in a race for his life. Some are in search of money, some in search of fame, others in search of psychological stability. Others live only for their family.

There are many reasons for the transformation of the human being in this modern world into a machine that eats, drinks, works, works, works, sleeps and then returns to the grind every day as a perpetual routine.

This transformation into a human machine stripped us of human awareness, awareness of our reality, our land, and our souls.

It made us like someone chasing a mirage.

Subconscious racism caused wars, fires, ethnic cleansing, and religious extremism which gave rise to extremist groups. This extremism penetrated into societies as viruses penetrate today.

All of these circumstances and upheavals led to human machine, who is tied to individualism and bound by bank loans, the person who searched for a dream and soon found themselves mired between his medications, health and psychological treatment, and between all those days of stress that they lived trying to build their future — that future that unfortunately does not exist in our region or our countries.

All this, and the war preparations that are known to all, that we are on the cusp of a third world war, that its fire may devour everything.

In the midst of those crises, Coronavirus comes to us.

It may be a virus like any other virus, but the difference is the timing of its appearance this year.

Modern mass communication, modern science, money and available technology have helped to move people forward.

Now, after the Coronavirus, humans are thinking more humanely about other parts of the world regardless color, race, or religion, sharing their interest, fears, and future.

What makes this different today is that humans unite their efforts and human thoughts in order to lift humanity from collapse.

Humans today are in the face of this crisis.

Money, fortune, car, or house will not help you, because the enemy does not distinguish between human beings, because “human” means one thing in its dictionary.

Today all ideologies fall in front of an ideology that we are all human beings. For there is no difference between us.

Today the theories of racial, religious, or geographical superiority fall.

Today your fear and your concern for yourself and your family is important.

Your awareness that you are not just a thing, a national number or a bank account, that you are not just a thing.

You are existence, you are consciousness, you are a spirit hovering in place.

Today we must stand in solidarity with one another to escape this dilemma. After it will produce changes in our modern world, the post-2020 world will not be the same world as before.

Our consciousness toward being human and toward our species, toward ourselves, and toward others who share this planet with us from animals, birds, fish, and other creatures, is the way to salvation toward a better future.

Old concepts, outdated values, and tired habits will not be able to cope with such crises.

We must move toward new concepts and values that can survive in all circumstances, and in the darkest of circumstances, values that include everything that our planet shares with us, away from the ignorance and myths of the past.

The values that allow us to survive these crises will govern the world after Coronavirus.