By Bashar “Ben” Jarrar, Special Contributor to the SDT
The views of the author do not necessarily reflect the views of the Syrian Democratic Times.

Bashar Jarrar is a Political Analyst and Media Consultant, hosted regularly on dozen Arab and International Networks.

I am writing this op ed in honor of two elderly Syrian Kurds who have been brutally murdered by Arab Islamist thugs serving under the New Ottoman invaders.

Fatima Kina, 80, and Ali Ahmad, 74, have been gruesomely murdered in a manner that reveals their murderers — and their operators, the Turkish military — still hold Afrin and other territories under a Turkish reign of terror.

Ironically, in the utmost tragic sense, both have been murdered in a cowardly way. The victims had provided their murderers with shelter, and these militia members showed no mercy to their helpless elderly landlords.

Fatima was robbed and strangled to death, then hanged on a tree that she groomed to honor the legacy of her ancestors centuries ago. Her “cross” was this ancient olive tree — one that the Turkish occupiers and their thugs, the so-called Samarkand Battalion, have stripped its olives and cold pressed it into the best organic oil, regionally and globally.

Fatima Kina, 80, and Ali Ahmad, 74, have been gruesomely murdered by Turkish-backed occupiers.

Ahmad was not luckier in his fate, as he was beaten to death. As I learned about this heinous crime, I was on the other side of borders to the north and to the south joining the world in honoring the victims of Hitler. Six million Jews (our regional cousins and brothers in Abrahamic Faith) have been killed by one person (Hitler), one party (Nazi). Should German voters pay attention about their choices, or Europeans stopped Nazis and Fascist or World Powers got involved earlier in taking out those notorious evils, the world will be much safer.

Every year we honor Holocaust victims we pledge: Never Again. Yet we still turn a blind eye to new Nazi and Fascist regimes and tyrannies to reign, and as we learn from history, it’s never enough for their bloodthirsty demons.

It hurts me personally as a descendent of a Kurdish mother and an Arab father, and more as an American citizen and a Trump supporter, to keep procrastinating a long-due course of action against both enemies: Islamist terrorists and New Ottomans. Erdogan is the Godfather of Muslim Brotherhood International. He is Hitler in disguise.

“Never Again” means action. It calls for a timely response and better for a preemptive strike against the predators roving the North and East Syria territories occupied by a NATO member. We cannot keep delaying payback. Procrastination in holding Erdogan accountable is enabling him and his thugs to victimize more Fatimas and more Alis. Please share the word, it is the minimum that we can do.