Sinam Sherkany Mohamad was recently profiled by The Washington Diplomat, an influential publication in international affairs circles in Washington DC. The article outlines Mohamad’s work in Washington DC, representing the interests of the Syrian Democratic Council to the US State Department, the White House, US Congress, and other US institutions and organizations.

In order to fully outline current US policy toward North and East Syria, the article in The Washington Diplomat also features interviews with Robert Ford, the former US ambassador to Syria, and Joshua Landis, editor of the online publication Syria Comment.

On September 18, 2020 Mohamad participated in a panel hosted by the Program on Peacebuilding and Human Rights at Columbia University and Justice for Kurds. Mohamad raised questions about Turkish attacks on North and East Syria, including attacks on Christian areas and other religious communities.

During a panel on Turkish expansionism hosted by the Washington Kurdish Institute on September 23, 2020, Mohamad posed questions to speakers Alan Makovsky, Senior fellow for National Security and International Policy at American Progress, and Dr. Gallia Lindenstrauss, Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for National Security Studies, about the potential that the United States could act as a mediator between Turkey and the AANES.

In a panel hosted by the US State Department, the Syria Justice and Accountability Centre, and the German Federal Foreign Office, Mohamad raised questions about accountability for war crimes, the search for missing people, and mass graves. The panel, entitled “How Justice Mechanisms Can Support the Search for Missing Persons,” was held on September 25, 2020 to occur alongside the UN General Assembly. Mohamad emphasized that accountability was a critical step in reaching a solution for the Syrian people.