This article originally appeared on the central Syrian Democratic Council website.

The President of the Executive Committee of the Syrian Democratic Council, Ilham Ahmed, received a delegation of Belgian parliamentarians in Qamishlo the first week of December 2020. They discussed political and humanitarian issues.

The Belgian visiting delegation included: Georges Dalmani and Queen Mesto who are members of the Federal Parliament in Belgium; Philip Vanestetkisti, the manager of the International Association of Victims of Terrorism; Rudy Malak, board member of the administration of the International Association of Victims of Terrorism, and; Heidi de Paolo, Executive President of ‘’Child Focus’’ company for Support and Protection of Missing Children, for child victims of abduction, trafficking, and sexual exploitation. The delegation was accompanied by journalists from official Belgian news outlets.

The President of the Executive Council, Ilham Ahmed, received the delegation with Jihad Omar, the co-chair of the Public Relations Office, Hikmat Habib, Vice President of the Executive Council, and Ilham Matly of the Presidential Council of SDC.

The participants in the meetings discussed political and humanitarian issues and challenges that face North and East Syria, with regard to the activity of the ISIS terrorist organization’s cells and with regard to the danger of ISIS reorganizing itself, as well as the ongoing Turkish threats that are no less dangerous than ISIS.

The meeting also dealt with the issue of trials for members of the terrorist organization ISIS, specifically those with European nationalities, in which, Ilham Ahmed, the president of Executive Council, revealed the number of foreign fighters who are held by the Syrian Democratic Forces and the danger of keeping them without judgement or determining their fate.

It also shed light on the file of the families of the terrorist organization ISIS and the importance of rehabilitation programs and eradication of extremist ideology, in particular among children.

The president of the Belgian Delegation, George Dalmani, expressed his admiration for the model of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria and the procedures that it takes to preserve civil peace and the coexistence of demographics.

He also described the general amnesty decision that was issued by the Autonomous Administration and taking out the Syrian families from Al-Hol camp as “the right human decision.”

The delegation of the Syrian Democratic Council talked about the National Conference for the people of Al-Jazeera and the Euphrates and the thirteen seminars which have been held recently, and the procedures that it takes to develop and empower the Autonomous Administration by providing it with expertise and technocrats.

The Belgian Delegation had previously visited the regions of North and East Syria in 2019 and at that time they met with the co-chair of the Syrian Democratic Council, Amina Omar, in Ain Issa which is a township in Raqqa.