The executive board of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria recently held its regular meeting. Discussion during the meeting emphasized the cohesion between the administration and all citizens despite the attempts of the Syrian regime, ISIS, and Turkey to create sedition by trying to spread and exploit the peaceful claims of the people to make chaos and sabotage. 

The discussion emphasized the right of the people of North and East Syria to protest through all peaceful means. It was noted that it is the duty of the forces that exist to protect and control strikes, demonstrations, and protests. The administration has the duty to listen to and respond to the demands of the masses according to the available capabilities.

The discussion also indicated that the stability of the country will be achieved by holding the Turkish occupation mercenaries accountable for their crimes against the people of the occupied areas from ethnic cleansing and demographic change.

The discussion touched on the return of foreign diplomatic delegations to the regions of North and East Syria, especially in the first half of the current year, wherein the administration areas received many delegations from the United States of America and the European Union. 

Meeting participants criticized the attempt to politicize the distribution of coronavirus vaccine by the World Health Organization, which refrained from giving the administration its full share of vaccine doses, explaining that the population of North and East Syria constitute 30 percent of Syria’s population. The delivery of vaccines was described as a small quantity and not sufficient to meet the needs of all the people.

On the educational side, the preparatory and high school examination in North and East Syria and the importance of developing a summer course program for teacher qualification has been expressed.

The gathering emphasized the inhumanity of Turkey in cutting off water to Syria and called for influential states to intervene in the Syrian and United Nations to deter Turkey from these immoral practices.