The Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES) has been convening a conference, made up of 157 representatives from the AANES, human rights figures, and notables from civil society, in Hasakeh, North and East Syria with the intention of forming a new Social Contract or constitution for the region, based on the necessities and conditions of the current situation. 

The Social Contract of the AANES has its origins in 2014, when autonomous administrations were created in the Kobani, Cizire (Jazira), and Afrin Cantons. The region established the Social Contract in order to create a set of laws and rules that determine the relationship between the administration and the people of the region. When the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria was established on September 6, 2018, the contract was modified to better reflect the circumstances of the new administration.

Once the conference has ended, the new document will be sent to the General Council of the AANES to be approved, possibly followed by a referendum across North and East Syria. 

The Social Contract has been on the agenda for the AANES for some time, however, Turkish attacks and the COVID-19 pandemic have long delayed further development and advancement of the region.