Despite the presence of ceasefire agreements guaranteed by Russia and the United States respectably, the Turkish State has continued to regularly target civilians and military personnel in North and East Syria alike.

According to the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), the number of attacks conducted by Turkish and Turkish-backed militias increased in the month of April. These attacks resulted in the deaths of two civilians and a further 23 persons were injured. Five SDF personnel were killed as well.

Of these attacks, 15 were carried out with drones. According to the SDF, the total number of explosives used is estimated at 23 tons, which damaged 36 civilian houses and three civil institutions.

The SDF has called on the international community to respond to these attacks and put pressure on Turkey to cease them. The United States expressed concern by a Tweet issued by the US Embassy in Syria after Kobani was shelled on April 22, 2022, calling on “all parties” to de-escalate. Other than this acknowledgment, there has been a notable silence from the United States in particular, with no condemnation of these attacks that target veterans of the fight against ISIS.