Turkish forces targeted the Assyrian Christian village of Tel Tawil on May 29, near the settlement Tel Tamr, with artillery shelling. The Mar Sawa Church in the village was nearly destroyed by the shelling.

This church has been heavily bombarded in recent history. ISIS destroyed it in 2015, and also kidnapped hundreds of Christians native to the region. This frontline region sees near-daily shelling from Turkey and Turkish-backed militias, despite ceasefire agreements signed by Turkey with Russia and the US. 

The Christian population of this region, known as the Khabour Valley, has become almost non-existent. They were subject to heavy attacks by ISIS in 2015 and then by Turkey again since October 2019.

Prior to these attacks, the Christian population was over 12,000. However, after years of instability due to attacks from sectarian groups, that number is estimated to be approximately 1,000. 

Assyrian and Syriac Christian units of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), including the Assyrian Khabour Guards and the Syriac Military Council, have made statements implicating Turkey and its Syrian National Army proxies of conducting a campaign to intentionally empty the region of its indigenious Christian population.