The Women’s Bureau of the SDC meets to mark the July 19 Revolution

July 19 marked the ten year anniversary of the Rojava Revolution, when the forces that would eventually become the Autonomous Administration first evicted the regime from the town of Kobani, and shortly after the towns of Derik, Afrin, and others.

The achievements of the July 19 Revolution, as well as the sacrifices made on its behalf, were commemorated across the region. The various institutions of the Administration noted that the achievements made by the revolution include gender equality, religious freedom, and decentralized, direct democracy on behalf of all people. 

The importance of the ongoing fight to defeat terrorism, and countering the attempts to undermine the Autonomous Administration and its achievements were noted as well.

A meeting of the Women’s Council of North and East Syria, established by the Autonomous Administration as part of its efforts to promote women’s rights and gender equality following the Rojava Revolution

Following the Rojava Revolution, not only Arabic, but Syriac and Kurdish are taught in schools across North and East Syria.

The Armenian Martyr’s Church in Raqqa was re-opened in May 2022, with support from the Raqqa Civil Council and Armenian Social Council. One of the core values of the Rojava Revolution that the Autonomous Administration has sought to focus on is religious freedom, and preserving the region’s religious diversity.