The Middle East Institute hosted a panel on the issue of ISIS detainees, An Uncertain Future: Prospects for ISIS detainees in Syria and Iraq. The panel had speakers from both the Biden Administration and various NGOs and nonprofits that were involved in addressing the ISIS detainee issue, both fighters and their families.

One of the major speakers was Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense of the Middle East Dana Stroul, who spoke on the issue of the continued fight against ISIS from the Department of Defense perspective, while also commenting on the Turkish threats and the US position on them.

On the invasion threats from Turkey, DAS Stroul stated that “We strongly oppose any Turkish operation into Northern Syria and have made clear our objections to Turkey, specifically because ISIS is going to take advantage of that campaign, and not to mention, the humanitarian impact.”

DAS Stroul acknowledged security concerns that Turkey has, but likewise unequivocally stated that there is no military solution to Turkey’s security issues, including its perceived issues regarding the SDF.

DAS Stroul further called for more stabilization assistance to the SDF and the local administration to help reintegrate Syrians who are residing in al-Hawl and other camps.