General Commander of the Syrian Democratic Forces, Mazloum Abdi, held a press conference on July 15 to address the current military situation in the region.

The issues of ISIS detainees, Turkey’s threats, and military coordination with the regime were all topics of discussion. Commander Mazloum stated that he is certain that Turkey is planning to invade the region again. There were 1,360 attacks against North and East Syria by Turkey and the forces it supports in June alone. 

Commander Mazloum said that meetings have been held with the Coalition on the issue of Turkish threats. According to him, “The Coalition made stances, but they cannot stop Turkey’s attacks against our areas.”

Abdi said that the SDF is highly prepared to defend the region, including to counter Turkish aircraft. The Syrian Army will also participate in the defense of the region. 

Abdi also said that ISIS has plans to attack al-Hawl Camp in a manner similar to the attack in Hasakah in January of this year. 

The press conference ended with a message of defiance against the Turkish threats, with Commander Mazloum stating that “We will not withdraw from any areas of North and East Syria.”