The Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria celebrated its fourth anniversary on September 6, 2022 with AANES officials meeting in Raqqa to commemorate the anniversary, remember those who have been killed while serving the region, and to discuss the greatest issues facing it.

Farhad Shibli, the Deputy Co-Chair of the Executive Council of the Autonomous Administration, who was killed in a Turkish drone strike earlier this year, was remembered at the event for his role in supporting the AANES structures at its highest political level. 

AANES Executive Council member Farhad Shibli, assassinated by a Turkish drone strike on June 17, 2022

Furthermore, issues such as Turkish threats of renewed invasion, the drastically decreasing water level of the Euphrates River, weaponizing the Alouk Water Station, which cuts off over one million people living in the Hasakah region from water access, the veto on the participation of the AANES in political negotiations regarding Syria’s future, and the lack of international reaction towards these crises and aggressions.