The Syrian Democratic Forces and US military personnel of the International Coalition to Defeat ISIS conducted military exercises near the village of Teqil Beqil, in the Derik region of North and East Syria. 

The military exercises are the closest to be conducted to the Turkish border, in this case in the border triangle area between Turkey, Iraq, and Syria, and the north-easternmost corner of Syria.

SDF fighters and their vehicles during the exercises near Teqil Beqil

The exercises were live-fire and also involved the use of heavy weapons and armored vehicles, including US-supplied Humvees owned by the SDF, American Bradley IFV armored vehicles, and anti-tank missiles.

SDF soldiers and their US counterparts speak to local media about the exercises

A statement released by the Coalition along-side the announcement of the exercises stated that “Together, we remain committed to our Defeat – ISIS mission and to promoting peace and regional stability.”

American soldiers alongside SDF personnel during the live-fire exercises