On September 3, 2022 SDF and Asayish forces conducting “Operation Humanity and Security” in al-Hawl Camp discovered and rescued a Yazidi woman who was being forcibly held in the camp. 

The woman’s name is Wafaa Abbas and she is originally from Kocho, Sinjar. Now 18, she was originally kidnapped by ISIS when she was only nine years old. 

Wafaa Abbas gives an interview to local television stations alongside a member of the SDF’s Women’s Protection Units

According to Wafaa in an interview conducted after her rescue, she was first taken to Mosul, and then to Raqqa by ISIS. She was taken with her sister and in Raqqa they were separated at a slave market. 

Thousands of Yazidis remain missing over three years since the ISIS Caliphate was defeated, many of them being women and children. Some have been found outside of the former Caliphate, in Turkey, while others are suspected of still being held captive inside al-Hawl and other camps for ISIS families. 

Wafaa Abbas and SDF Women’s Protection Units soldiers after she was freed from al-Hawl