Dozens of Turkish airstrikes struck North and East Syria on the evening of November 19 and into the morning of November 20 2022. Kobani, the city that became famous for its status as a symbol of resistance to ISIS, was targeted several times, leading to the city’s primary COVID-19 treatment center, the “Corona Hospital” being reduced to rubble. 

The hospital was vital to the city and region as Syria’s medical infrastructure has been stretched to its absolute limits by both the 11-year conflict and the COVID-19 pandemic. Essential medical supplies and trained personnel are scarce and the region cannot afford further losses. 

Ruins of the Corona Hospital in Kobani after being targeted by Turkish warplanes.

Turkish attacks have targeted crucial infrastructure in North and East Syria regularly, with both artillery and airpower, including water stations, power stations, and hospitals, in Turkey’s campaign to exacerbate the Autonomous Administration’s economic and humanitarian crisis. 

Civilians and SDF military personnel alike have been killed and injured in these attacks, with over 30 people killed in the latest airstrike campaign across the region, including in Kobani, Derik, and Darbasiyah.