United States Central Command confirmed that a Turkish airstrike on a joint Coalition-SDF military base in North and East Syria posed a risk to US troops and personnel. 

Turkish warplanes continue  to pound targets across North and East Syria, and in an unprecedented escalation, including one of the most essential bases used by both the Syrian Democratic Forces and the US-led Coalition to Defeat ISIS in their campaign to destroy the terrorist group.

The attack killed two members of the SDF’s Anti-Terror forces, units which are trained and equipped by the United States and its Coalition allies to carry out specialized operations and raids against the Islamic State. 

US officials have continued to call for de-escalation and reiterate their rejection of actions that contribute to destabilization and the undermining of the fight against ISIS. These calls have so far fallen on deaf ears in Ankara, as Turkish President Erdogan’s troops continue their intense bombing campaign, targeting the Al-Hawl Camp where over 50,000 ISIS families are housing, along with crucial infrastructure in the region such as natural gas and oil facilities, as well as hospitals and schools.

President Erdogan likewise has reiterated his intention to launch a ground invasion of the region following the airstrike campaign.