On January 10, 2023, a press conference was held between the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) and National Alliance For Syria (NAFS) in the city of Qamishli. Both parties jointly announced the results of a series of meetings held since December, in which the potential Erdogan-Assad reconciliation and its political, military, and economic implications were discussed. 

The parties stated that they aim to find political solutions to the Syrian Crisis that address the critical issues that led to it in the first place, in line with United Nations Security Council Resolution 2254. 

Russia has coordinated extensively with Turkey on Syria, recently attempting to restart relations between Erdogan and Assad, including with a planned meeting between Turkish and Syrian Foreign Ministers in February

This effort continues the SDC’s mission to bring various opposition bodies together to find solutions that could lead to a stable, democratic, and secure future for Syria, while countering the “separatist” narrative that has been levied against the SDC in the past.