For nearly two weeks, the SDF and Asayish, with full support from the Coalition to Defeat ISIS, has been conducting an enormous security operation in the sprawling al-Hawl Camp, dubbed “Operation Humanity and Security.”  The rising threat from ISIS sleeper cells, and the continuing threat of al-Hawl as an “incubatorContinue Reading

On September 3, 2022 SDF and Asayish forces conducting “Operation Humanity and Security” in al-Hawl Camp discovered and rescued a Yazidi woman who was being forcibly held in the camp.  The woman’s name is Wafaa Abbas and she is originally from Kocho, Sinjar. Now 18, she was originally kidnapped byContinue Reading

Secretary Blinken gives first serious statement on Syria | UN Ambassador Thomas-Greenfield announces aid to Syria | Deputy Special Envoy celebrates Newroz and Akito in NES | William Roebuck says “ethnic cleansing” has happened under Turkey | AUMF moves closer to repeal | Ned Price fields question on Turkish abuses in Afrin | Special Envoy holds briefingContinue Reading