Sinam Sherkany Mohamad was recently profiled by The Washington Diplomat, an influential publication in international affairs circles in Washington DC. The article outlines Mohamad’s work in Washington DC, representing the interests of the Syrian Democratic Council to the US State Department, the White House, US Congress, and other US institutions and organizations.

The festival aimed to signal to the displaced, to Syria, and to the international community that Afrin’s culture is still alive and well among those who fled Afrin after the 2018 Turkish invasion and ongoing occupation of the canton. The festival’s slogan was, “a flower alone does not constitute a garden.”

حينما يكون النضال من أجل شعب مظلوم ضحى أبناؤه وبناته بالآلاف لا توجد فوارق كبيرة بين أية مرحلة من المراحل، لكن التطورات هي التي أحياناً تفرض نوعاً من التغيير في سلسلة النشاطات والمهام الواجب إتباعها.