I found true democracy in the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria and the Syrian Democratic Council… None of this was apparent in 2011, when the Syrian civil uprising caused me to become a political refugee, fleeing my home with only a laptop and the clothes on my back.Continue Reading

“There is unfairness in the distribution of these materials,” said Dr. Jiwan Mustafa, AANES Health Authority, “and what is granted to North and East Syria is considered very little regarding the population census and the need in North and East Syria.”Continue Reading

Our people survived the authoritarian Syrian regime for decades. We withstood the past decade of war and instability. We battled the invading armies of ISIS. We have weathered a crushing economic collapse in the past year. With our inspiring democratic model, and with our unity and persistence, we can bring water and life back to Hasakah.Continue Reading

By Sinam Sherkany Mohamad Water is the source of life. To North and East Syria, there is no source of water more vital than the Euphrates river. The Euphrates river has been used to power critical hydroelectric dams, irrigate farmland, provide transportation, maintain the many ecosystems of the region, andContinue Reading