Recent days have seen a dramatic escalation in Turkey’s aggression against North and East Syria with a series of heavy airstrikes across the region targeting civilian infrastructure including electrical facilities, fuel depots, factories, food and water infrastructure, and even a hospital. These attacks have resulted in the deaths and injuriesContinue Reading

For nearly two weeks, the SDF and Asayish, with full support from the Coalition to Defeat ISIS, has been conducting an enormous security operation in the sprawling al-Hawl Camp, dubbed “Operation Humanity and Security.”  The rising threat from ISIS sleeper cells, and the continuing threat of al-Hawl as an “incubatorContinue Reading

On September 3, 2022 SDF and Asayish forces conducting “Operation Humanity and Security” in al-Hawl Camp discovered and rescued a Yazidi woman who was being forcibly held in the camp.  The woman’s name is Wafaa Abbas and she is originally from Kocho, Sinjar. Now 18, she was originally kidnapped byContinue Reading

The Middle East Institute hosted a panel on the issue of ISIS detainees, An Uncertain Future: Prospects for ISIS detainees in Syria and Iraq. The panel had speakers from both the Biden Administration and various NGOs and nonprofits that were involved in addressing the ISIS detainee issue, both fighters andContinue Reading

The attack began on January 20, 2022, when dozens of ISIS fighters used car bombs to launch an attack on the al Sina’a Prison, where thousands of ISIS members are held. The attack managed to breach the prison and allowed fighters to escape into surrounding neighborhoods and buildings, as well as take prison staff hostage.Continue Reading

A vehicle that was carrying fighters from the Tel Tamr Military Council to battle ISIS in Hasakah was struck by a Turkish drone strike, reportedly wounding the fighters inside the vehicle… there have been constant Turkish-backed attacks on the Ayn Issa region, leading to several SDF fighters being killed while repelling these attacks. Continue Reading