Recent days have seen a dramatic escalation in Turkey’s aggression against North and East Syria with a series of heavy airstrikes across the region targeting civilian infrastructure including electrical facilities, fuel depots, factories, food and water infrastructure, and even a hospital. These attacks have resulted in the deaths and injuriesContinue Reading

Many are joining in the wishful thinking for a Kabul encore in North and East Syria. But this will never happen before a genuine peace treaty is established that transcends what is falsely projected as an internal Syrian affair.Continue Reading

I found true democracy in the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria and the Syrian Democratic Council… None of this was apparent in 2011, when the Syrian civil uprising caused me to become a political refugee, fleeing my home with only a laptop and the clothes on my back.Continue Reading

Still, being a Kurdish writer is about rebirth and resistance. The precarious life of Kurds has traveled through history and will continue to do so. If I do what I know how to do, at the very least, I can show that even in the age of nation-states, stateless Kurds matter and we are as complicated, important, imperfect, funny, and fascinating as any other group of humans.Continue Reading

By Sinam Sherkany Mohamad Water is the source of life. To North and East Syria, there is no source of water more vital than the Euphrates river. The Euphrates river has been used to power critical hydroelectric dams, irrigate farmland, provide transportation, maintain the many ecosystems of the region, andContinue Reading