The Middle East Institute hosted a panel on the issue of ISIS detainees, An Uncertain Future: Prospects for ISIS detainees in Syria and Iraq. The panel had speakers from both the Biden Administration and various NGOs and nonprofits that were involved in addressing the ISIS detainee issue, both fighters andContinue Reading

Secretary Blinken gives first serious statement on Syria | UN Ambassador Thomas-Greenfield announces aid to Syria | Deputy Special Envoy celebrates Newroz and Akito in NES | William Roebuck says “ethnic cleansing” has happened under Turkey | AUMF moves closer to repeal | Ned Price fields question on Turkish abuses in Afrin | Special Envoy holds briefingContinue Reading

There’s fresh talk of the Turkish threat to North and East Syria, as Turkey moves more troops and equipment to the Syria border in an apparent move to intimidate US troops stationed in Syria. This once again poses a grave threat to the people of the North and East Syria.Continue Reading